Le Coup D`States: A Conversation between Debbie Lusignan & Bob Fitrakis [6/16]

“If (justice) here could be achieved . . . a chain reaction might result that could bring reason and eventual peace in a reasonable time. A small event in a large and troubled world. But who knows which straw will tip the scales? I do not delude myself about my importance. But it is a straw, is it not?” -- Edward Aaron

Robert Fitrakis (Ohio) may be he nation`s premier authority on US electoral theft. He and his co-counsel, Cliff Arnebeck of Election Justice USA, have been lodging law suits against the uniquely American custom of perennial and overt election fraud since the 2004 presidential election in Ohio.


Debbie Lusignan (Massachusetts) host and producer of the “Sane Progressive” You Tube Channel, counts herself of the `Bernie or Bust` persuasion. She`s an organizer of targeted protests scheduled for the Democratic National Convention and a vocal agitator for harnessing the Sanders` agenda long after Bernie`s endorsement of Clinton. [Bracketed material is for explanation only - The Editors].


FITRAKIS: We have 50 different state systems, and within that 8000 different election authorities. 5000 or so from county levels to municipal registrars. And all of these systems make it impossible to have a transparent system. It gives tremendous advantage to the people who are party `regulars` [dependents of the so-called Big City Political Bosses` Republican/Democratic apparatus]. That apparatus and its private technicians are supporting Hillary Clinton.


Lusignan: What is it about California that`s particularly troubling?

Fitrakis: I consider what took place in California a coup d`etat. It was one of the largest rigging of an election in the history of this nation, one of the largest purge of voters. (Our) law suit in California  . . . will be a federal suit. A lot of the judges tend to be political [i.e. they tailor judicial decisions in a manner that benefits the party or faction that elected or nominated them]. I think ours won`t be.

I`ve seen similar patterns in New York and Arizona (2016) and what happened in Ohio (2016). And prior to it and on a smaller scale in Florida (2000). Everything you`re seeing now on a large scale happened in Ohio in 2004.


Lusignan: According to a report in Washington Post an unknown number of DC voters went to the polls and found their party affiliation had changed without authorization. (The office formerly known as the Washington, DC Board of Elections and Ethics) said it was due to a glitch  . . .

Fitrakis: Yeah, it always is . . .

Lusignan: They`re saying it was due to a software issue. It was reported to them over a week ago and they did absolutely nothing to address it. Really it`s been so amazingly blatant.


Fitrakis: The discrepancy in Arizona, you`re talking 36 points between what was reported and what people coming out say they voted. They actually `called` that election as final [deemed Clinton victor] with only 71% of the people attempting to vote, having voted.

CONTEXT: The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything  -- Josef Stalin


Fitrakis: (These results come about) not only because of the massive and deliberate voter purging. What people need to know is that these data bases have all been privatized. Private, partisan, for-profit companies with secret proprietary software `fixed` the data bases -- and I do mean fixed them. [altered them to fit their clients` needs]. Party regulars [often referred to as functionaries of the political Bosses` or `Tammany Hall`] target [for purging, non-Tammany] voters.


Fitrakis: Clearly Democratic election officials in at least 11 states should be in jail for deliberately purging voters who would support Bernie Sanders. They`re targeting deliberately, through their use of data bases, the core of the Sanders` supporters and making sure they don`t vote. And this has happened just about everywhere . . . We haven`t seen these kind of purges since prior to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This is deliberate and this is criminal. And that`s what we intend to argue in our lawsuit.

Lusignan: It`s so blatant, so disheartening. People are feeling so deflated. So people are just hanging their hats on your lawsuit.


Fitrakis: There is a way to file a civil RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations). You can start a lawsuit and if you get discovery and the necessary evidence, and it is, in fact, organized crime, it is in fact illegal collusion. (If) they know these numbers are corrupt and they’re reporting them. You can make a case they`re engaged in organized crime.

Lusignan: That`s what this feels like.

Fitrakis: Well, that`s what it is, make no mistake about it. It`s no accident. It`s deliberate.


Lusignan: Many election activists across the country are writing the Sanders campaign and have had meetings with the campaign and it will not address [election theft]. Why do you think Senator Sanders is not addressing this?

Fitrakis: I would hope that Sanders becomes engaged in these election law suits. He`s the person directly `harmed.` [i.e. without Sanders` imprimatur many lawsuits cannot go forward]. He`s got time, however, so we hope he will step up and file suit.

Lusignan: Why do you think these candidates, who are `harmed,` are not (signing on to the law suits?) Why do you think they don`t say a word when elections are stolen?

Fitrakis: There`s tremendous pressure [on Democratic Party loyalists] not to call into question election rigging in America.


Fitrakis:  If we want to be a Banana Republic, we already are.

If we held voting machines to the same standards to which we hold casino machines, polling places would be treated as crime scenes. In casinos they tape off areas surrounding slot machines, etc. to find out why the machines aren’t paying off.

I would encourage Sanders to go along with what Jill Stein is saying: The Justice Department needs to come in. Cyber squads need to come in. People need to be arrested. They need to be held accountable to the purging and the violation of the Voting Rights Act.

Lusignan: It`s disheartening. But I have not given up.


Fitrakis: You’ve now got at least 13 states and other places like DC and Puerto Rico which should be considered crime scenes.

In all of these 13 or so states that had blatant corruption suits should be filed. They should be everywhere. Because whether there`s political judges throwing them out or not, we need to get into the public record what happened.


Fitrakis: When the Democratic National Convention comes, there should be a re-credentialing of delegates.

From my count and those of other people, Sanders won this election. He deserves to have his delegates. I`m hoping that, if they don’t treat him fairly, they [the guilty parties] should [be caused] to confess to their crimes or there should be no peace at that convention.

Lusignan: I think it`s very powerful that you said that.


Fitrakis: And I hope that convention attendees `serenade` delegates walking to and from the convention hall unless they get some justice about the blatant stealing of elections and the recent coup in California.

Quite frankly, I suspect they targeted (supporters of his agenda) because Bernie`s `political revolution` got more votes than any open democratic socialist in the history of this country that. So the only way they can keep the status quo in place -- the neocon war policies, the crony capitalism, the intervening in countries like Libya and Syria, the type of endless war, etc. -- is by stealing the vote of the people.

Lusignan: I`m working with the Bernie or Bust delegates. I`m going to be down in Philadelphia. I`m gonna be planning actions and responses to what happens in that convention.


Lusignan: I think the worst part is the collusion of the media with the politicians. It`s very much a coordinated effort. I know Cliff (Arnebeck) talked about, was thinking about filing a law suit going after the media. Is that possible?

Fitrakis: If (media outlets) know this stuff is happening it`s in their internal memos. I don’t know how they can`t. They’ve got people around who understand statistics.


Fitrakis: They’ve got people . . . attacking us as conspiracy theorists (by suggesting that we wrongfully use exit polls). In reality US government, media, (international election monitors) indeed, everyone uses exit polls. That`s what exit polls are designed for.


Fitrakis: The Carter Center participates in observing other countries` elections for fraud but won’t do so here because the US does not meet the basic standards for fairness in elections.

CONTEXT: The US is not a functioning democracy -- Jimmy Carter


Fitrakis: A lot of these techniques were used in the third world during the cold war where the CIA in the `70s admitted to rigging 5000 local, state and national elections. What used to be done covertly in third world they`re just doing it openly now in the United States


Fitrakis: People really have to be prepared to occupy these (Boards of Elections or Secretaries of State offices, etc.) when they certify these votes. You can`t let this level of crime go unprotested. These election officials have to be held accountable.

I`m not above some citizens arrests as well.


Fitrakis: People are in there (the convention hall) illegally credentialed, it`s not the vote of the people. People`s votes were stripped (purged). And in at least 13 of  these states it looks like somebody was flipping them (counting Sanders` votes for Clinton) as well.

I think people need to get some yellow police tape and wrap it around the really bad precincts and boards of election where they suspect the vote is being stolen.

Lusignan: Get the police tape out and let`s go down to Philly. Let`s get the police tape out and let`s go down to Philly!


Fitrakis: I`m running for prosecutor in Franklin County on the pledge that if I`m elected, I`m going to arrest the Secretary of State of Ohio. I don’t know what else to do with these people. Even if I can`t convict him he needs a good fraud walking.


Lusignan: It doesn`t matter if Bernie Sanders joins  us or not. It`s the American people  . . .


Given that the last two contested presidential elections, 2000 and 2004, were won by the Democrats but served by Republicans (McCain and Romney were no more an electoral threat to Obama, than Mondale and Dukakis were a challenge to Reagan and Bush, Sr.) it could be predicted that the conservative wing of the Democratic Party collects the most votes in 2016 then abdicate the presidency to Donald Trump. -- NYR









Rather than a `political revolution` or change of any sort, Sanders` campaign started a `media coup` which revealed that -- contrary to media`s false premise that only a small minority of Americans want more education, less war, etc. --  a vast majority of Americans demand that their taxes support a sustainable existence.

An actual election or the proliferation of independent media carries with it the threat that the average American comes to realize he is not the only one who wants a normal country, and is no longer afraid to say it. -- NYR

                                       Stealing Las Vegas

(May 19, 2016) If you wanna know why New York holds its May 24th, 2016 Democratic State Convention in an underground bunker at an undisclosed location, the Tweed Courthouse basement, perhaps? [Warning, the above line may contain exaggeration or satire. Use Media Literacy skills for interpretation]

Check what similar electoral practices in three other states hath wrought:

Article Excerpts follow. Please patronize their authors talk down to the photographers.

1-(16 May 2016) Bernie's victory was taken away after a closed door meeting..", "My father was a congressman for 8 years. and you know what? He ripped up his ballot and left, and he's a Hillary supporter" - Erin Bilbray, NV Super Delegate. http://imgur.com/gallery/CztNPwv

(16 May 2016) Democratic Establishment Steals Nevada Caucus Win From Bernie Sanders. Nevada--Democrats’ unity fragmented in Nevada over the weekend as establishment party officials decertified just enough of Bernie Sanders’ elected delegates to deliver Hillary Clinton’s first victory in 10 states.

...Early in the morning, the Rules Committee decertified 64 of Bernie Sanders’ delegates and denied them entry into the convention caucus room. As a result, Hillary Clinton gained a 31 delegate advantage.,,At around 9:30 am, while many delegates were still in line to get in, the Nevada Convention Democrat Chairman Roberta Lange decided to hold a quick “voice vote” about whether to change the rules of the entire process. The vote was to essentially disregard the results of the second-tier county conventions — where Sanders’ had won —and only to only accept the results of the first-tier caucus that Clinton had won.,,The room, as is made fairly clear in this video, broke out into a screaming match that seemed evenly matched between the two sides. But Chairman Lange simply declared that the “voice vote” was enough to pass the rule change and to invalidate the second-tier county convention results.

http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/05/16/democrat-establishment-robs-bernie-sanders-nevada-caucus-win/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNkwP4zL2DA, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka6SnkbuUPI, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVa4G32M7Bc

2-Sanders Voters in MA to Sue Bill Clinton for Trampling Voting Rights - Seek Delegates Awarded Bernie


(Updated on March 20, 2016) Sanders Voters in MA to Sue Bill Clinton for Trampling on Voting Rights - Seek Delegates be Awarded to Bernie : Invoking voting rights laws and precedents commonly cited in such cases, a group of Bernie Sanders supporters who voted for Sanders in the Massachusetts Primary on March 1st are confronting what they say was illegal campaigning by Bill Clinton on behalf of Hillary Clinton. On that Tuesday, known as "Super Tuesday," reports emerged, to the consternation of Sanders supporters, that Bill Clinton was illegally campaigning within 150 feet of polling stations during voting hours, in some cases walking inside the stations, all of which Massachusetts law expressly prohibits. PDF of Complaint, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/101031312/billclintoncomplaint.pdf

3-Didn`t`t Hillary Drop Out Already? Rasmussen Poll Shows Trump Beating Hillary for the First Time

Rasmussen Poll Shows Trump Beating Hillary for First Time, Sanders Still Leads Trump Solidly

Updated on May 15, 2016 (http://hubpages.com/politics/Rasmussen-Shows-Trump-Beating-Hillary-for-First-Time-Best-No-Trump-Insurance-Now-Bernie-Sanders)

A May 2016 Rasmussen Reports poll suggests what Sanders supporters have been struggling to make heard throughout the primary season: Bernie Sanders is the best bet for voters who do not want to see Trump as president. This is contrary to the argument which Hillary Clinton has leaned on heavily, that Hillary is the more "electable" of the two. The findings come as Trump unveils new attack ads against Clinton which invoke Benghazi with devastating effect.

Rasmussen said this month:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely U.S. Voters finds Trump with 41% support to Clinton’s 39%. Fifteen percent (15%) prefer some other candidate, and five percent (5%) are undecided...This is the first time Trump has led the matchup since last October. Clinton held a 41% to 36% advantage in early March.

The venerable polling organization throws a splash of cold water on what Sanders supporters see as scare tactics by the Clinton campaign, which holds that voters who don't want to see Trump as president, should vote for Clinton.

4-Hillary Cheating Scandal Erupts in Arizona

March 23, 2016-Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been accused of just about every dirty political trick in the books throughout her career — and according to outraged supporters of Democratic presidential rival Bernie Sanders, her campaign was back at it again yesterday in Arizona.

The Arizona Democratic Party has officially announced that it will be investigating multiple accusations of election fraud across the state’s Democratic primary vote Tuesday, where voters who claimed to have previously registered as Democrats say their party affiliation was unknowingly changed to independent– and therefore, they weren’t allowed to cast ballots in the closed primary.

One voter posted a picture with the following explanation, “Fraud in AZ? I am a long time registered Dem. I was when I voted in Nov. and when I checked Feb. 15th. Today, Nada. Given a provisional ballot, and yes, I reported it.”

The larger concern is with previously independent voters who had registered as Democrats specifically to vote in Arizona’s primary. These voters are considered a major threat to Clinton, as they are believed to overwhelmingly support Sanders.

Some of those voters were turned away, and others were given provisional ballots that may not be counted at all. Those decisions are made independently by the local Recorder’s Office.

Sanders supporters went to social media in force to cry foul, many believing that the Clinton campaign had a hand in the alleged election fraud.


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THIS WEEK`S (5/30) SOURCES: http://caucus99percent.com/content/wave-voter-suppression-begins-ca-and-nj, Reddit, etc.


I'm not a Dem, but I think Dems who have been disenfranchised need to get together and file a nationwide class action suit against the DNC: for breach of contract and failure under "implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose" -- meaning a fair and honest national party nomination.

U.C.C. § 2-315. Implied Warranty: Fitness for Particular Purpose. - https://www.law.cornell.edu/ucc/2/2-315 § 2-315. Implied Warranty: Fitness for Particular Purpose: Where the seller at the time of contracting has reason to know any particular purpose for which the goods are required and that the buyeris relying on the seller's skill or judgment to select or furnish suitable goods, there is unless excluded or modified under the next section an implied warranty that the goods shall be fit for such purpose. Get a large enough group and a firm will take the case. It would drag on for years and gain the attorneys notoriety (and tons of money if they win ... while each plaintiff might only get $100, if you have a class of a 100,000 people, the atty would make a couple of million, and it would be a huge thorn for the DNC

It's inevitable, with hackable voter databases and voting machines and a dirty-tricks Clinton Machine. There are probably ways to protect voter registration databases with redundancy and other approaches, ways to send voters dated printouts and have them print from registries and have those printouts accepted at polling places. Other safeguards. This must be considered a dry run for the GE. Clinton was almost sneeringly confident when she told Chris Cuomo: "I will be the nominee for my party, Chris," the former secretary of state told CNN's Chris Cuomo in an interview from Park Ridge, Illinois. "That is already done, in effect. There's no way that I won't be." http://www.politico.com/story/2016/05/hillary-clinton-2016-democratic-no...

Eerily reminiscent of Karl Rove (or was it Jeb?) insisting that Bush would win Florida when the state had been called for Gore, and lo and behold, the nos. changed rather remarkably in Bush's favor. http://truthout.org/buzzflash/commentary/http-www-truth-out-org-buzzfla...


New York has mountains, Massachusetts has mountains, Arizona has mountains, the Appalachian trail runs through Jersey, I mean, WTF?

I saw it in 2000

My husband, daughter and I moved to NC in November of 1992 from Florida. We registered via motor-voter when we got NC driver's licenses, and voted in every single local, state, national and primary election ever since. We all lived in the same house, along with our grandson.Grandson was 10 years old in 2000, daughter was Den Mother to his Cub Scout troop. Since voting is a regular Big Deal for us, grandson accompanied us to the poll at the local train station so daughter could show him how voting works. When we checked in, our daughter's name was mysteriously 'missing' from the voter roll in our precinct. She argued the point, was told it must be a snafu, and she should go to the other polling place in our town of 738 humans. Hub and I voted, accompanied her and grandson to the other poll. She wasn't on their roll either.By that time daughter was pretty peeved. She stated loudly that she was a duly registered voter, and insisted she wouldn't leave without voting. So the head poll worker shuffled off to an anteroom to place a panic call to BoE in Raleigh. She also called the police, so a deputy came in to sit with us as we awaited Raleigh's response. After half an hour or so we were informed that she could vote a provisional ballot under an old (1700s) law allowing same day registration/voting to the region's numerous and notorious Mountain Men who only came into town every year or two to trade and vote. None of us expected that her vote would actually be counted, but she did go through the motions for grandson's sake.While waiting we learned that she was not the only long-time voter who had been turned away that day. She was just the one who refused to leave. So they started leafing through the roll books. This being a tiny town with maybe 100 voters in each of our two precincts, the old "Everybody Knows Everybody" thing is a given. They were more than a little surprised to find that while a few regulars were missing from the rolls, many more DEAD PEOPLE were on the list! WTF?!? I have wondered ever since how many dead people showed up to vote that year...

3-This happened to a friend of mine in New Jersey. While he was able to resolve the issue-so they said-it really does seem that a portion of Hillary's ill-gotten war chest is being used to purge likely Sanders voters from Democratic party registration.

Explains why that smug look comes over her face anytime she's confronted with the fact that people don't like her. Ex. While waiting for the Berners to sit down and stop applauding after Bernie's closing remarks at the Brooklyn debate, she stood there with that smirk on her face until the crowd had quieted down enough for her to speak. It didn't happen overnight, but there's no doubt at this point that 126,00 voters in Brooklyn alone found they were ineligible to cast their votes, and that 6.6 million $ changed hands between her politically active surrogate's daughter and the recently suspended BOE official in 2014.

No question in my mind. I've never given a cent to the DNC or any political candidate or party - ever, and suddenly began getting surveys and contribution requests from them our of the blue???. And the same is true for one of my kids who also contributes to Bernie and was zapped off the voter lists in spite of living at the same address for 7 years and having voted in the last election. I don't think it, I believe it to my core.

Poll workers being told in official trainings to give NPP (no party preference) voters a provisional ballot "every time" https://www.reddit.com/r/SandersForPresident/comments/4k0v4p/election_fr...

4-You from Jersey? I`m from Jersey. FROM REDDIT VOTER SUPPRESSION IN NEW JERSEY self.SandersForPresident submitted 10 days ago by Deakota_Wild_ New poster here, so I apologize if the format is incorrect somehow. Here's the story: My mom has been a registered Democrat in NJ for years. She moved in 2013 and changed to "Unaffiliated." To vote in this primary, she filled out a new voter registration (with ample time) to once again register as Democrat. We just received this letter, http://imgur.com/KDfRZLC stating she is now a registered Dem, but was not registered in time and would not be able to vote in the primary. We immediately called the office to figure out why this registration was not in time, when in fact it was. We were informed that that the letter was sent to her "by mistake" and she is indeed eligible to vote this primary. If we didn't call to clarify she probably wouldn't have showed up.We were then told the office was "having problems" with their letters and there were several wrong letters sent out. We asked how many people were sent these letters, and why the people who were sent incorrect letters were not informed that it was an error, to which they responded they have "no idea who the letters got sent to or how many were sent." This is outrage. They are "looking into it" and will call us back when they figure out how and why these letters got sent. We are currently talking to them to figure out more details about the situation. This is suppressing newly registered democrats from voting on June 7. TLDR: Mom registered as new democrat, received letter stating she's ineligible to vote in the primary despite registering in time, and we later found out this letter was sent in error to an unknown amount of newly registered democrats, who are in fact eligible to vote this primary.

5-The above could explain why she's [HILLARY`S] not making any kind of effort to broaden her appeal. Who needs voters when you control the votes themselves?

Most Americans do not realize that we do not have a constitutionally protected right to vote. While there are amendments to the U.S. Constitution that prohibit discrimination based on race (15th), sex (19th) and age (26th), Voting is not a right - no affirmative right to vote exists. And that's just the beginning.


6-Election Fraud CA Watch: Poll workers being told in official trainings to give NPP (no party preference) voters a provisional ballot "every time”.

The Editors: Unfortunately, the relevance of this video testimonial is far greater than a single young woman`s experience. We`ve collected reports of such experiences to this end in New York in wake of election day, 4/19/16. Given similar such testimonials across the country, an implication may be drawn that these old time, Tammany Hall tactics are no coincidence. If, indeed, election authorities nationwide, have instructed poll workers to provide wrongful or discriminatory voting instructions to registered Democrats and Republicans, regardless of whether they support Tammany`s candidate or that candidate`s rivals, this implies a nationwide effort to deprive Americans from electing the nominee of their choice. If valid, such allegations may lead to serious charges against election operatives across the country.

SandersForPresident 2016-05-18 ballot npp voter vote dem poll party worker candidate polling

Election Fraud CA Watch: Poll workers being told in official trainings to give NPP (no party preference) voters a provisional ballot "every time"

Volunteer Ashley Beck posted a video to facebook today (tried to share the video but reddit rejected it?) sharing that election workers in California are receiving blatant misinformation during their trainings. They are being told that anyone who comes to vote and is listed as an NPP voter is to be given a provisional ballot, "every single time". As NPP/independent voters skew towards Bernie, it greatly benefits the Clinton campaign to have large numbers of npp voters vote provisional and therefore likely have their votes not counted. We need to be prepared for this fraud before it goes down. In addition to spreading this video online and sharing the info on social, I think it would be helpful to have this info widely visible AT the polling locations on election day.    Would it be possible for someone to design posters (that do not promote any candidate & don't violate electioneering laws) telling NPP voters "DO NOT ACCEPT A PROVISIONAL BALLOT" that can be easily printed and plastered all over the front of polling places?

Here is the link to Ashley's video: http://rebrn.com/re/election-fraud-ca-watch-poll-workers-being-told-in-official-trai-2607113/

7-Our friends at Election Justice USA recently filed a lawsuit in this regard:



202.725.8459 / 802.280.1770


Press Conference: Friday, May 20, noon (outside) San Francisco Federal Building, 450 Golden Gate Avenue


SAN FRANCISCO, May 20, 2016:

Civil rights attorneys and voter rights activists are filing a civil lawsuit in Federal Court over election materials sent out in advance of

the California Primary. Critical omissions of instructions from county applications to vote by mail have violated state election laws,

according to the plaintiffs.


       are u.s. citizens victims of coordinated nationwide election suppression?

Editorial: We all want to believe those dreamy lyrics: `My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, etc.` otherwise, how would we view our selves/lives/careers/futures? Decades of overtime, for what/whom? No matter how invested we are in our self-image, rigged economics/elections eventually breeds reflection. The so-called `agonizing reappraisal` (i.e. facing what we don`t want to recognize) that arose from the demonstrations of the 60`s permanently changed US culture/government/liberties. Polls have long found that 75% of Americans who want European-style social democratic governance. We focus during this period on how it`s been obscured for decades on end.

Please see election law attorney and analyst Bob Fitrakis` interview excerpts and links.

22 States, No Waiting (posted 6/9/16)

(496 words, estimated reading time 4 minutes 59 seconds)

1-WHAT THE MEDIA IS HIDING: BERNIE JUST MADE HISTORY (posted on `Bernie Sanders Community` facebook page, accessed via Reddit evening of 6/8/16. Please note that the original source is yet undetermined. Use your Media Literacy skills to form your opinion from the information herein).

Last night, Bernie won Montana and North Dakota. Here are the implications:

(1) Bernie won 22 states, which is more than any second place finisher in Democratic Party history (and more than any Republican except Reagan in 1976). That should be enough to keep him in the race through the convention.

(2) The delegate math might favor Hillary, but the state math favors Bernie. Excluding the 8 virtual ties (within 1% of the vote or 1 delegate), Bernie has won more states than Hillary: 22 to her 20. He's also won more states by landslide margins (greater than 10%): 20 to her 18. No candidate in any party has ever won the most landslide victories and gone on to lose the nomination.

(3) The 8 virtual ties – states tied within or 1% of the vote or 1 delegate (excluding contests with a tiny number of delegates, like Guam) – are the most in the primary history of any party. It’s suspicious that the record-breaking 8 virtual ties were ALL “won” by Hillary. That 0.4%-chance occurrence points to fraud. Even if Bernie only won half of those states and NONE of the other fishy contests with larger margins, he would have won more states than Hillary.

(4) The estimated number of provisional ballot voters, purged voters, and caucus participants (which the media conveniently likes to forget) across all states is in the millions. If Bernie won most of those, he would have easily taken the popular vote. And statistical analyses show that if all the states had same-day registration or had been open to independents or both, Bernie would have won in a landslide.

In short, Bernie would have dominated a fair election, and he still can win this election, unfair as it might be. We will not let the entrenched establishment or biased media take away our democracy.

Let’s make the best case possible to the super delegates to support Bernie. First, let’s speak their language: money. Bernie is close to outraising Hillary overall, and if he can finish strong in June and July, that’s very convincing evidence of his breadwinning capabilities for the party. Second, nothing is more imposing than 1,000,000 protestors on your doorstep; let’s descend on Philadelphia en masse during the convention, starting July 25.

The people have spoken, and we want President Sanders. As long as we continue speaking, this is not over; do not let the media or anyone else convince you otherwise. Together, we are unstoppable.

2-Election Justice USA on Twitter: "Huge, well-controlled exit poll of early voting in CA, praised by NYT's @Nate_Cohn, nails other races, off by 16% for B vs HRC #ExitPollGate"

Fitrakis “Polling places should be wrapped in yellow police tape as crime scenes. ”

Lusignan: “Let`s get the police tape out and let`s go down to Philly!”


               TALLAHASSEE on the HUDSON

(April 22, 2016) Observations of election irregularities are being aggregated for further analysis/publication at  election@NewYorkReport.com. Include a contact name and number for so that your experiences

may be included in research on the 4/19/16 Primary  --the editorial collective

Article Excerpts follow. Please patronize the authors and talk down to the photographers.


Probability of the 11.8% discrepancy in the NY exit poll is 1 in 236,000 according to mathematician Richard Charnin

submitted 1 day ago by RLS_2

Charnin is an author of two books on election fraud. He writes "Assuming that Sanders' 48% exit poll share reflected the True Vote, then he must have won the election due to thousands of suppressed votes."

In the unadjusted exit poll Clinton led 52-48% (the margin of error is 2.6%). The exit poll was adjusted to match the recorded vote: 57.9-42.1%. If votes had not been manipulated there would have been no need to adjust the exit poll results.

The probability that Sanders' exit poll share was greater than the recorded vote in 19 of 20 primaries is 1 in 26,000.

Charnin’s blog posts on New York, Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan, March 15 states, and Super Tuesday states: https://richardcharnin.wordpress.com/

Frequently asked questions about exit polls: http://electiondefensealliance.org/frequently_asked_questions_about_exit_polls


Is the 2016 Election Already Being Stripped & Flipped? Bob Fitrakis/Harvey Wasserman, Reader Supported News 4/3/16.

Disturbing signs of the time-tested “Strip and Flip” strategy for stealing elections have already surfaced in 2016. Will they ultimately decide the outcome, as they have in too many recent elections?

The core approach is to STRIP citizens of their voting rights, then FLIP the electronic vote count if that’s not enough to guarantee a win for the corporate 1%.

Historically, “stripping” has been based on race. It’s rooted in the divide-and-conquer strategies of slavery and Jim Crow segregation. Today it centers on racist demands for photo ID and other scams designed to prevent blacks, Hispanics, the young, and the poor from voting.

“Flipping” is related to electronic voting machines, on which the vast majority of Americans will vote this fall.

Those who dismiss such warnings as “conspiracy theory” might confront this simple question: “How will the electronic vote count in the 2016 election be verified?”

The answer is simple: “It can’t be.” The vote count in 2016 for the offices of President, US Congress, governorships, state legislatures, county commissioners, dog catchers, and thousands of others will come through electronic black boxes.

Despite the claim that Hillary Clinton “won” the Iowa and Nevada caucuses, there’s clear evidence Bernie was the rightful winner in both states. In Iowa, Clinton’s “victory” apparently turned on six coin tosses, all of which she allegedly won.

There’s clear evidence that Bernie actually won the Massachusetts primary, which the corporate media and official vote count gave to Hillary. Analyst Richard Charnin has examined pre-election polls and post-election exit polls, both showing Bernie substantially ahead of Clinton prior to the voting. In a phenomenon we have seen elsewhere (most notably as George W. Bush “beat” John Kerry in New Mexico 2004),

3. This Campaign Was Never About Me

By Bernie Sanders, Reader Supported News 20 April 16

When we will be heavily outspent. It will require the active participation of millions of Americans in every community in our country. In fact, it will require nothing less than a political revolution which combats the demoralization and alienation of so many of our people from the political process.

Let me be very honest. It may be too late to stop the billionaire class from trying to buy the Presidency and Congress. The forces of greed already may be too powerful. But we owe it to our children and grandchildren to try. We owe it to them to make the fight and, through the power of our numbers, turn back this assault on the foundation of our democracy and our future. We are at a moment of truth. We need to face up to the reality of where we are as a nation, and we need a mass movement of people to fight for change. I believe America is ready for a new path to the future.

Senator Bernie Sanders

4. New York Voting Fiasco Just the Warm-Up for the November Game

By Greg Palast, Greg Palast's Website

21 April 16

Buckle up, America. The voting demolition derby that was the New York primary on Tuesday was merely the crash test for the coming voting wreckage in November: a carefully planned pile up.

First, live from New York…. Francesca Rheannon . . .  volunteer(ed) to work the polls in a town east of New York City.

“I just got off my 17 hour shift as an election official. In my election district, out of 166 Democratic voters, 39 were forced to file affidavit ballots. The last [election] I worked in, exactly ONE voter needed an affidavit ballot.”

Rheannon’s experience was hardly unique. In Brooklyn alone, over 125,000 names were quietly scrubbed from the voter rolls in the five months leading up to the primary.

To put it in perspective, the number of voters purged equals about half of the number who got to vote. The New York City Comptroller will now audit the Elections Board--now that the election is over. Hey thanks.

5. Democrats March Toward Cliff

By Robert Parry, Consortium News

20 April 16: According to The Associated Press tally, Clinton has 1,289 elected delegates to Sanders’s 1,045, but she has the backing of 469 “super-delegates” to Sanders’s 31. To win requires 2,383 delegates.

6. The Mainstream Media Proclaims Democrats' Race Over, but Ignore Undemocratic Primary Process

By Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Page, 21 April 16

  As I predicted, the mainstream media this morning are saying the race is essentially over. But so far, no article I’ve read about yesterday’s New York primary mentions that independents weren’t allowed to vote in it. Yet 42 percent of American voters are now independent, and only 29 percent are registered Democrats (26 percent are registered Republicans), and we can assume a similar distribution in New York. A significant portion of Bernie’s supporters across the nation are independent – for the obvious reason that Bernie’s candidacy takes on the establishment. In addition, most young voters are independent. Independents gave Bernie huge victories in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Washington, for example. And independents obviously will play a large role in any presidential election.

LINK: Election Observer Questionaire.pdf